Tel: 441-296-0011

The Bermuda Dental Association has been serving the Dental profession in Bermuda since1964.


President: Dr. Len Wedlich
Vice President: Dr. Frances Betts
Secretary: Dr. Teleza Pitcher 
Treasurers: Dr. Janie Brown and Anna Ryden

The Goals of the Association are:

  • To promote and maintain the honor and integrity of the dental profession  in Bermuda.
  • To encourage the study of dentistry and allied sciences.
  • To maintain the spirit and provisions of the Dental Practitioners Act.
  • To represent the interests of the dental profession.
  • To this end, The Bermuda Dental Association offers several services


For the Bermuda public

The Mercer Fund

A scholarship fund for Bermudians studying dentistry, dental hygiene, or dental assisting;  "The Mercer Fund"

Peer Review

Assistance to the public to resolve problems, disputes or complaints through our "Peer Review" service

For Dentists and Dental Professionals

The Bermuda Conference

The Bermuda Dental Association holds an Annual Conference. 

Upcoming meetings in Bermuda

We keep a listing of other academic meetings held in Bermuda and we welcome inquiries from groups interested in meeting in Bermuda.  Contact us if you know of a meeting not on our list.