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Non-Bermudians normally need permission to work in Bermuda.   If you are Bermudian you should not need a work permit, if you were born in Bermuda, have a Bermudian parent, are married to a Bermudian, or have some other close tie to the island you would want to contact the Bermuda Department of Immigration to determine your rights.

Work permits are normally issued only for job categories that have a recognized shortage of available Bermudians. Work permits are normally issued to the employer not directly to the employee, so the first step is to have a prospective employer.


Bermuda Government Dental Service

Positions in the Bermuda Government Dental Service do occasionally arise. Children can get essentially free dental care with the Government service until school leaving age. The position would be salaried and work permits are normally reviewed annually. Government dentists do not have to sit the local licensure examination.

Inquiries can be sent to:
Chief Dental Officer
Hamilton Health Centre
67 Victoria St. Hamilton HM12

Private Practice

At this writing (Nov 2012) it is virtually impossible for a general dentist without strong Bermuda ties to work in private practice in Bermuda.    The Bermuda Dental Board has consistently recommend against the issuance of any work permit for a non-Bermudian general dentist.

Specialists in Private Practice

The Bermuda Dental Board takes a more liberal view to specialists.  Bermuda has an endodontist and a part time periodontist who are not Bermudian and have work permits held by  local dentists.


There are about twenty-five hygienists practicing in Bermuda. More than half are not Bermudians and are employed on work permits. Dental Hygiene Positions are occasionally available in Bermuda. Work permits are expire periodically and may not be renewed if a Bermudian is available.

Dentists look for a Bermudian hygienist first, and when there are no local applicants, the dentist looks overseas. The B.D.A. keeps a file of resumes of interested hygienists.

Employers look more favorably on an applicant who knows Bermuda and what living here will be like. Employers usually like to meet and interview applicants before submitting an application to the Immigration Department.

Bermuda is an island paradise, but it is not for everyone. It is small (22 square miles), and though taxes are low, the cost of living is high. Housing is expensive and can be hard to find. We drive on the left. A motorbike may be your preferred mode of transport.

It would be a good idea to visit Bermuda before looking for a position.

Dentists often contact the B.D.A. when looking for a hygienist.

Should you wish to pursue a position:

You may send your resume to the Bermuda Dental Association at:

P.O. Box HM 3059   Hamilton HMNX     Bermuda

Alternatively, you might want to send your resume to several dentists and arrange to meet those interested if and when you visit the island. Addresses and phone numbers are available in the yellow pages at Bermuda Phone Book


There is a shortage of Certified Dental Assistants (C.D.A.'s) in Bermuda.  The Bermuda Government and the Bermuda Dental Association are actively encouraging Bermudians to study Dental Assisting and to qualify as Certified Dental Assistants.  Scholarships are available through the governments National Training Board and the B.D.A. s' Mercer Fund.

Many dental assistants in Bermuda are not C.D.A.'s and were trained on the job.  There have been instances where  non-Bermudians have been hired by dentists seeking a qualified and experienced assistant.  Unlike the situation with Hygienists,  Bermuda's dentists do not tend to look overseas for dental assistants when a qualified Bermudian can not be found.  The reasons are several:

  1. There is a desire to hire a Bermudian if possible.
  2. The process of applying for a work permit is expensive and time consuming.
  3. Government may refuse to issue a work permit.
  4. Bermuda is not for everyone (the cost of living is high, affordable housing is difficult to find, the island is small) and the employee may decide to leave.

As stated above, the place to start is to find a prospective employer.  Employers look more favorably on an applicant who knows Bermuda and what living here will be like. Employers usually like to meet and interview applicants before submitting an application to the Immigration Department. If you are a C.D.A. and would like to try to find employment in Bermuda,  you could send your resume to some dentists.  Names and addresses of dentists in Bermuda are available on-line at  Bermuda Phone Book


There are three local dental laboratories in Bermuda: 

Bermuda Dental Studio 543 0002 
Dentech 292 0259
SmilesLab  296 2439